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That depends on the specific card and its condition. If the card has a clean surface, good centering, sharp corners and smooth edges then it will be worth more than if it has a problem in one of these areas. According to the Basketball Beckett value guide, Shaq’s rookie cards range in value from just a few dollars up to about $80. There are card grading companies, such as BGS […]

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Together with his recent announcement that his playing days with MLS’ Los Angeles Galaxy are visiting an finish, global icon David Beckham ended that which was a brave experiment released by America’s No. 1 soccer league and something of their flagship franchises. Even though the amount of success of Beckham’s Galaxy career could be debated, so can this: Is he the greatest British import within the good reputation for American […]

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On the mild August day in 1977, I adopted Ted Turner because he strode from a pier in Newport, Rhode Island, where his Courageous had just won the authority to defend the America’s Cup. He was known then because the Mouth from the South, so that as he signed an autograph, I looked in the whitened zinc he’d slathered on his lower lip. It did not lead him to look […]

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Top names in the business!! Don’t agree with the list? Vote for an existing item you think should be ranked higher or if you are a logged in, add a new item for others to vote on or create your own version of this list. Nike They are just sick and Kobe Bryant wears them. Mj wears them. they are just cool shoes. Best shoe ever. Nike is #1! -It […]

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Rejoice Celtics fans, the season is less than three months away. General manager Danny Ainge has made one prudent decision after another, as he was able to re-sign every major role player with the exception of Ray Allen. Once considered one of the shallower teams in the league, Boston has added some depth, which will allow older players like Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce to stay healthy throughout the season. […]

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Sometimes, only a sports athlete is the best partner in existence for an additional athlete, so when a union happens, us mere mortals are only able to relax and fantasize regarding their future offspring. Have a look at our sports royalty, superb athletes who’ve found a partnership. Much like with all of true royalty, not every one of these unions last, but we are able to dream. Listed here are […]

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The Ten best water polo players have great skill and talent. Men’s water polo has been around since 1900 in the Olympic games and women’s water polo was introduced in the Olympic games in 2000. Water polo is performed within the water with six players plus one goalkeeper. Water polo continues to be in comparison to ice hockey. Listed here are the ten best water polo players ever. Adam Wright. […]

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This is actually the listing of the very best 10 Puriest Baseball Heroes in the Publish Steroid era. In my new article I authored that finding new clean heroes gets progressively difficult to complete. Anabolic steroids have this type of achieve that you don’t know who to believe or who’s using. Release the damn names out there there exists a to know. 10. Derek Jeter Shortstop New You are able […]

It’s about that point around where I start craving baseball. Used to do some investigation and put together my very own personal top ten list which i uses entering draft day. You will find some changes from normal lists and despite the fact that I’ve some gamers out there you will find some I’d try to step back from a lot more than others. I list my top ten Before […]

Are you aware the quantity the most expensive house possessed by athletes? The athletes will get the most expensive home visits Ryan Howard. Ryan Howard Ryan Howard was a 5 year $125 million contract extension along with other things money, they might certainly afford a multi-million mansion that may give other sports stars a run for the investment. His mansion includes a bowling alley together with a Venetian canal running […]

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