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Google Docs is convenient, cheap, and compatible with just about any platform, making collaboration incredibly simple. It’s also infuriating, incomplete, and limited. Google Docs wafts in the cloud, just beyond your tinkering fingertips, and you’re at the whim of the Google engineers who control the tweaks, fixes, and enhancements. Since launching Google Spreadsheets in 2006, Google has steadily improved Docs to support complex text documents, worksheets, tables, forms, and presentations. […]

British Gas look after millions of customers. The Information Systems team help our customer teams, and those who support them, achieve this by automating the way we all use data, to make sure the right people, have the right information, at the right time. British Gas Information Services is the life blood of our business, and so building a world class IS team is a given. We are delighted to […]

Intel’s first foray to the Android smartphone market while using Lava Xolo is impressive. It seems to own become a lot of the elements right – impressive performance, crisp display, and premium build. It stacks up perfectly against competition, numerous whom tend to be more efficient. Really the only factor missing for Lava might be the company recall that the couple of from the rivals have.If LG and Apple probably […]