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Can’t get enough Olympics? The List this week looks at some of the best films tied to the prestigious, international sports event. 10. International Velvet (1978) — It’s a poor sequel to 1945 National Velvet which made a star of teenage Elizabeth Taylor. Tatum O’Neal plays the niece of the original Velvet Brown as she trains for Britain’s Olympic show jumping team with the help of her trainer played by […]

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Angelina Jolie movies are always the best of the lot as she is one of the most glorious names in the Hollywood industry on the basis of acting skills, outstanding face expressions and captivating voice and charisma. Angelina Jolie has done many movies and people love to watch every movie in which she has performed as the leading lady or even a minor role. Angelina Jolie is the heartbeat of […]

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I requested myself two questions while thinking about the movies with this list. Would be the films funny enough that both ladies and males can also enjoy them, and it is possible to feel-good love story integral towards the plot? After I finished, a couple of of those films had increased or lower within the order, but none of them delivered. Listed here are the movies I’d recommend to anybody […]