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Who is the best rock guitarist of all time? UG readers placed their votes in our Wednesday question, which ended up with the biggest comment threads we’ve ever seen on this site. You had us in stitches laughing at some of the funnier replies, and there were plenty of great guitarist nominations too. We stacked up your votes and nominations, and as expected, you pulled off a definitive list of […]

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The impetus for this list came from simply re-watching Martin Scorsese’s 1995 film Casino, during which time I could not help but think of the number of movies which prominently feature the goings on of casinos – or at least the alleged goings on. And being that I didn’t quite agree with the listing of the Best Casino Movies at CasinoTop10, I decided to tackle the challenge of ranking them […]

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Do you want to host a casino themed party without breaking the bank? Good news. Casino themed parties are not expensive to host at all. Here are some fantastic ideas for your casino theme party from invitations, to decorations, to food, dress, and casino games. You can opt to play with real or fake money. If you’re playing with fake money, you can keep track of what each person is […]

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Thuppaki Movie HD Stills,Wallpapers and New Posters 2012-10-12 The trailer which released on October 10th 2012 has already reached around 8 lakhs views and is trending first in India. Every one who watched the trailer loved it and are eagerly waiting for the movie to release. Also the songs which was released the… Paradesi Movie Latest Images Gallery 2012-10-12 National Award winning Director Bala is back with a bang, after […]

These actresses are the current and future leading-ladies in Hollywood. They represent the best young talent Tinseltown has right now, and they should eventually replace the Nicole Kidmans, Charlize Therons, and Halle Berrys of the world. Not all of them are going to rake in the big bucks, but like a Meryl Streep or a Hilary Swank, they will be well respected, both in terms of critical acclaim and audience […]

I am always raving about how hot and talented Salma Hayek is and over my lunch break it lead to a conversation which is clearly slanted for the lads. I will be completely honest I find her incredibly talented but equal to that is her incredible looks which draws me to her films as much as her ability as an actress. Well that and her sexy accent. There are tons […]

Today’s sexiest starlets have nothing on the original list of sexiest celebs! We rounded up the best healthy living tips from Hollywood’s original leading ladies. 1. Marilyn Monroe: The ultimate glamour girl, Marilyn Monroe was more famous for her other, ahem, assets than her cooking prowess, but biographers say Monroe was on the forefront of the health-food movement. Plus, the curvy beauty was one of the first famous females known […]

1 of 11: Jodi Benson played Ariel – and Ursula’s ‘human’ imposter, Vanessa – in Disney’s 1989 animated classic ‘The Little Mermaid.’ She also played Barbie in Disney-Pixar’s ‘Toy Story’ movies.’From the time I got the phone call, until today, every time I start to even think about it, it makes me start to cry and I think it’s just because the magnitude of it, the surprise of starting on […]

1.Selena Gomez Actress, Monte Carlo Selena Gomez was born and raised in Grand Prairie, Texas. Her mother Amanda [Commonly known as Mandy] Cornett is an Italian woman from Dallas, Texas and her father Ricardo Gomez is from New Mexico. Mommy Mandy gave birth to Selena at 16, and her parents divorced in 1997. Nearly 10 years later, she was remarried to Brian Teefy 2.Cole Sprouse Actor, Big Daddy Twins Dylan […]

Hollywood celebrities homes are one of the most viewed images on the internet and hence we thought of adding a few of them for our prestigious members. Shown below is the lavish apartment design of one of the top most celebrities of Hollywood and an amazing actress Demi Moore. The house has been designed to her taste and will. She spent hours with the designer team in getting what she […]