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That depends on the specific card and its condition. If the card has a clean surface, good centering, sharp corners and smooth edges then it will be worth more than if it has a problem in one of these areas. According to the Basketball Beckett value guide, Shaq’s rookie cards range in value from just a few dollars up to about $80. There are card grading companies, such as BGS […]

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On the mild August day in 1977, I adopted Ted Turner because he strode from a pier in Newport, Rhode Island, where his Courageous had just won the authority to defend the America’s Cup. He was known then because the Mouth from the South, so that as he signed an autograph, I looked in the whitened zinc he’d slathered on his lower lip. It did not lead him to look […]

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Rejoice Celtics fans, the season is less than three months away. General manager Danny Ainge has made one prudent decision after another, as he was able to re-sign every major role player with the exception of Ray Allen. Once considered one of the shallower teams in the league, Boston has added some depth, which will allow older players like Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce to stay healthy throughout the season. […]

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Star Radio’s Online broadcast is DIFFERENT from any broadcast you have ever listened to on terrestrial radios!!! How do we provide you with the best Top 40 hits? No secrets; it’s simple, but requires a lot of research, so here’s how: We start by searching Planet Earth’s Top 40s and then we make a selection of the Best International Hits to play them all for you on 1 radio. That’s […]

CIDC-FM (Z103.5) is a Rhythmic-Leaning CHR radio station that serves Central Ontario and the Greater Toronto Area in Canada. Although the station is licensed to Orangeville, and still has a transmitter there, its studios are located in Toronto. Z103 is the on-air brand name of several radio stations in Canada and the United States. Stations using this identifier broadcast within the 102.9 to 103.9 range on FM radio, and usually […]

Yahoo! Music Radio (formerly known as LAUNCHcast) is an Internet radio service offered by CBS Radio through Yahoo! Music. The service, formerly offered by LAUNCH Media, and originally developed by Todd Beaupré and Jeff Boulter, debuted on November 11, 1999, and was purchased by Yahoo! in October, 2001. LAUNCHcast combined with CBS Radio beginning on February 16, 2009. With the rise of royalty rates, Yahoo! signed a deal with CBS […]

Top 20 on 20 (or just 20 on 20) is a commercial-free, interactive hit music satellite radio station. It is channel 3 on Sirius XM Radio[1] but was previously on channel 20. The channel plays everything new from rock to rap, with the songs chosen by online votes to the XM website. One can also vote their favorite songs by calling the station number (866-553-2020), or text messaging. The channel […]

Right on schedule, the AirPlay sporting, built-in WiFi and Bluetooth AV receiver we told you all about last month is officially available. The 7.2 channel, 145-watt per channel STR-DN1030 retails for $499 and is the first AV receiver to not require some sort of dongle or other accessory, to connect wirelessly to your other gadgets. That means it is all that much easier to stream music to it from your […]

The Haier SBEV40-Slim is an incredibly thin sound bar, with a wireless subwoofer that’s nearly as svelte. The design is all-around excellent, with a front panel display hidden behind the speaker grille. And connectivity is better than average with two HDMI inputs, an optical audio input, and a minijack input. While the SBEV40-Slim sounds good for a budget sound bar, it doesn’t compare to a full surround-sound system. It also […]

On Boxing Day I bought the Energy Take Classic and Bose Acoustimass 10 Series III surround sound systems and will keep one of these. The AM10-III were $700 from $1500 and since it was the last one, I bought it; it is still sealed in the box. I then found the Energy Take Classic set for $400 from $900 and bought that too. Both are now back to their “regular” […]